Listen to your Heart

Emotions fluttering within my heart, thoughts becoming fixed in my mind, and yet I move forward ignoring the emotions and becoming attached to the thoughts. All the while knowing this is not the food I need to be serving my soul. We must honor ourselves on this journey if we are to be of any assistance to mankind. But how do you honor yourself when you are in the company of others who are suffering? This is a great question for all of humanity, how to sooth ourselves in the face of so much suffering? Not being certain of the answer, I can only do my best to acknowledge my own feelings and go forward to meet the world’s suffering with great love and compassion. Fill your own tank first, and then meet the world. Yesterday was a day where my own tank needed filling and to some degree I honored that, however, I let the day slide without fully acknowledging sufficient deep self-love, and then I was called upon to love another who is actively dying.   As I sit here today I know that I was unable to adequately provide for the other individual, as my own tank was not full. My wish for all of us on this beautiful blue planet we call Earth, is that we learn to nurture ourselves, be able to sit with our own pain, stop judging others, and be present in the now. We can all begin again in this moment to love. What do you do to nurture yourself in order to be full? My own list is fairly simple, but one thing is to be heard when I am in pain. Listening to another share is one of the greatest gifts we can give. As you go forth today, remember it is not always about talking; it is about entering into that quiet space and listening. When we listen, we are also healed. And so perhaps I did adequately serve with love and compassion yesterday as I most definitely listened to my friend. I thank all of you with deep gratitude for listening.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. ~ Rumi

We should learn to approach life’s experiences with love and faith, then life will reveal all its mysteries to us. -Amma


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A Mother’s Love

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa

 As Mother’s Day approaches, the desire to thank my own mother and all other mom’s that I know surges in my heart. This feeling is one of love and gratitude for all that these many women have shared. They may not all be mothers by the very simplistic definition of having given birth, and in fact one very special woman who touched my life never had any children of her own, but she most definitely represented all that one would want from a mom, and that is love. Love is the greatest force we have on our planet. We are all love and will return to love, but we often get lost on our way. It is in keeping with this spirit of love that I wish all women everywhere a wonderful and blessed Mother’s Day. We may not all be famous, but we can do so much to help balance the universe if we just continue to spread our love, it is all there is in the end. We may lust after material things, our vanity as to beauty, wish away our aging bodies, and on and on, but we were all born on this planet of love and if we can remember to get back to that place what a wonderful world it could be. So take a moment and thank a woman for all that she may have done for you in your life. My own list is lengthy, and my heart is full. I hope your own heart is full as well, and if it isn’t try for a moment to think of some special woman who may have bestowed a little love and compassion upon you and wish them a prayer of peace. Send up that energy to our planet for healing, she needs it as well.


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A candle for Nepal!

Wildflower Women:

Please keep your vibration high for healing in the countries affected by the recent earthquake.

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Photo credit: Emmanuel Dagher

“To our friends in Nepal and India, we light this candle in your honor with the intention of bringing immediate physical and emotional healing, peace, love and relief to you and your beautiful country.

You are in our hearts now and always. Our prayers are with you.”

– Emmanuel Dagher

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Earth Day History

History of Earth Day


For 45 years, Earth Day has been bringing communities and organizations together to advocate for a healthier environment and a sustainable life. The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 activated 20 million Americans from all walks of life to share their concerns about each citizen’s critical role in the environment.

Their actions led to the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the passage of the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Act.

Now over one billion people in 192 countries participate in Earth Day activities, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

We must come together and inspire our communities to do their part in securing a healthy and sustainable future for the planet. Organizing an Earth Day event or activity is one of the best ways to engage your community to protect the planet.

We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children. ~ Chief Seattle

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Letting Go

One of the hardest lessons in life is to know when to let go. Whether it is guilt, loss, love, anger or betrayal change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. We must be willing to sacrifice our limited tunnel vision and fly. When we rid ourselves of limitation, hesitation, or refusal to take right action we can make our lives sacred. We must admit our own mistakes as well as forgive those that have caused us pain, letting go of guilt, shame and blame and begin from love. We must be willing to stand fully in the light.

In order to stand in the light, we must be willing to let go and sacrifice those unhealed parts within ourselves that are no longer in accordance with the sacredness of our being, this would be our shadow side. We should not deny our needs, our refuse our heart’s desire, but rather eliminate the thoughts and actions that keep us from our true happiness. In order to find the balance to support our true self, we have to be willing to preserve the dance of life. We must leave no stone unturned while we clear our least desirable traits, and free our minds of negativity. We will make our lives sacred when we can make our actions of self-sacrifice stand for who we are, where we might be going, how we intend to get there, why we choose our path, and most importantly how we intend to change. Eliminate those aspects of self that cling to limitation and we can reconnect with the universe in all its sacredness. Begin right now in love and peace.

Looking behind I am filled with gratitude. Looking forward I am filled with vision. Looking upwards I am filled with strength. Looking within I discover peace.~Quero Apache Prayer

angel prayer for mother earth

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Connecting to Mother Earth

Where do you find a connection with the Earth that speaks to you? Every inch of Mother Earth is a sacred place, and there is a connection spot for every one of us, no matter where we are physically located. However, we have to be in communion with her to experience a connection. When we are out of sync with our Mother Earth, our energy connection will be poor.  Native American traditions teach that Mother Earth is a living being and that when a human being goes to a power spot on the earth, the attention of Mother Earth is directed there and energy begins to flow because our bodies, like the earth, are electromagnetic. Whenever a human being seeks an Earth connection, Mother Earth is there to provide solace.

Thich Nhat Hanh expresses these thoughts so beautifully by telling us that when we walk like we are rushing, we print anxiety and sorrow on the earth. We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the earth. Be aware of the contact between your feet and the earth. “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”  When we can achieve that type of connection, we become fully present in the now and know that our empowerment is fully represented by unconditionally loving everything that we are in that moment. This becomes our power place, our inner connection where each one of us comes to a place of awareness. Mother Earth provides us with the safety and security to express our authentic selves and when we can reconnect to the power place, we find once again what has always existed within us.

In these present times of chaos, hatred towards mankind and our Mother Earth, wouldn’t it be a good idea for all to reconnect to our authentic loving selves and know that we are enough just as we stand? I encourage all of us not to harbor any hatred toward our fellow-man, especially those we think are ‘evil’ or different from us, but rather to take some time to reconnect with our spiritual side and Mother Earth, giving thanks for what we have right now, all the while basking in her unconditional love and strength. We needn’t wage war on anyone or anything; we simply need to know that we are enough. Mother Earth is waiting for you to connect to all that you are; you are responsible for your own personal empowerment.

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ W.B. Yeats


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Victim or Heroine?

We have all heard the phrase life is what you make of it. On the surface this sounds doable and makes perfect sense. However, when we are in a place of darkness this sounds very unobtainable. Often we develop a sense of being victimized. The victim, best described as one who feels powerless and in that moment of feeling powerless is rendered unable to take appropriate action to resolve situations adversely affecting their well-being. When we make a choice to be powerless, we are often acting from learned behavior that originated in early childhood experiences where core needs were not adequately met. This translates into most of humanity; we all suffer some from this condition. The question is will you choose to stand in it, or move to another point of perspective? The choice really is ours to make.

Today while out for a run I found my mind drifting to a very recent conversation I had with my son, who resides a long way away and I don’t have the opportunity to speak with very often. I heard myself talking to him and beginning to whine about the holidays. He is leaving today to go visit his half-brother for the holidays and won’t be traveling home to be with me. He is my only child, I am a widow, live alone, don’t have a significant other . . . you get the drill. ME all alone for the holidays, just like so many others in the world. He, my very smart child, snapped me right out of my victim mentality and grounded me back into what is real. What is real is that I have a family, both parents and 4 siblings; I am choosing not to be with them this holiday season. Additionally, I have my health, a beautiful son who is healthy, an amazing dog, and a lovely home that protects me from the elements, enough food to eat, and many wonderful friends. The list of blessings could go on and on. So why was I tapping into the victim mentality? There are many reasons why I was going down that road. What is important to ask yourself when you find that you are taking a visit there, is why are you? What needs did you not get met when you were a young child, and why have you not made peace with those issues yet? Why don’t you love yourself enough to know you are enough just as you stand?

It is about taking control of your life, and making it the best life. It is about being able to see the stars even while sitting in the darkness and never forgetting that you are the heroine of your own play. Life really is what you make of it!


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